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  • Admission is given on first come first served basis. As a matter of fact, admission is open to all academically eligible students. The management reserves the right to deny admission to anybody without specifying any reason.
  • Once enrolled, the candidate will be entitled to the privileges of studentship in the college only for the particular academic year. Students are allowed to change the batch only by obtaining permission from the principal.
  • Students are provided fee receipts and fees once remitted will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  • The college will not bear responsibility for the eligibility of a student for any examination or his/her acceptance as a candidate by the University due non compliance of rules or non submission of documents, fees etc. in time.
  • All students are expected to maintain decency and decorum in dealing with officials of the college either in person or in correspondence and they will have the privilege to discuss doubts in the studies with teachers by obtaining prior permission.
  • Those who appear below the class average due to lack of hard work and deliberately ignoring studies, will be dismissed from the college without any notice.
  • Those who work hard but appear below the class average will be given extra attention.
  • All students are liable to appear for the class tests and model examinations, and those who fail to appear without concrete reasons, will not be allowed to continue in the college.
  • Those who are absent in one class should produce leave letter duly signed in the next class. Two days absence without prior information by the parent will result in removal of the name from the rolls.
  • Parent/Guardian should visit the principal once in two months by prior permission to assess study progress and character of the student.
  • The college authority reserves the right to suspend the privileges of Studentship of any student who violates the rules.
  • Students are not allowed to carry or use mobile phones in the premises of the institution. - Developed by

Welcome to sakthan college.
Welcome to sakthan college.
Welcome to sakthan college.
Welcome to sakthan college.