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The city of Thrissur is indebted to Sakthan Thampuran, the mighty ruler of erstwhile Cochin state for its unique achievements in the areas of business, culture and education. Even as it has earned the sobriquet "Cultural Capital of Kerala" over the years, it is a home for myriad institutions of excellence, and thanks to him . True, numerous institutions organizations and locations in the city have been named after the great ruler. But among them Sakthan Thampuran College of Mathematics and Arts stands out as a fitting monument to the great ruler. For, it is a striking paradigm of the inextricable link between education and culture. The college celebrates its Silver Jubilee in the academic year 2010 - 2011. The meteoric rise of this college during the past 32 years could be imputed to the enviable helmsmanship of Sri Ajith Kumar Raja, also scion in the royal family. A maths - wizard, his teaching carrier had a modest beginning with only one student. Taking inspiration from his guru Prof.M.K.Menon, he took up on the new path. Later he collaborated with his disciple sri. Joju Tharaken to form an institution in the real form. Today for more than 1.8 Iakh of students who are well placed in the different walks of life,

This college is their proud alma mater, and they are the living testimony to the astounding success of his mission to carry mathematics to the masses. Ajith is also an acclaimed authority of vedic mathematics and has travelled in and out of the country, popularising this intrinsic facet of Indian culture. Endowed with singular literally talent he has to his credit 16 gold medals to his credit in competitions of Aksharaslokam.
With the passage of time, the institution grew in quality and quantity. In addition to the tuition classes at different levels, more courses also started in the private education field. The college offers courses in Mathematics, Commerce and Arts at the graduate and post graduate levels. There are about 7000 students on the rolls. 32 years after its founding, the college has 130 members of teaching staff for the various courses. The faculty includes a galaxy of eminent retired professors and renowned teachers. The college continues to bag ranks at the university examinations year after year.
Along with the attention given to the academic needs, the college also encourages extra curricular activities in arts and sports. The college has won the overall championship for four times in the state level competitions. It has also bagged the title 'Kalathilakam' a number of times.
A famous Entrance Coaching Centre run by a veteran professor N.R.Jayaram, has amalgamated with this institution namely Sakthan Thampuran College & Jayaram Education Centre Pvt. Ltd, Thrissur. The institution has branches in Palakkad & Coimbatore. A large number of students from the entrance coaching centres has secured high ranks in the State, All India and IIT levels.
The college has enviable reputation in its Alumni. It is not surprising that the students who have left the portals of the college continue to remember their alma mater with pride, gratitude and huge sense of achievements. The outputs of this college can be seen in every nook end corner of the world and in every walks of life. All of them share the common passion - "SAKTHANITES". The alumni forums bring all the former students and families together and organise cultural recreational and educational programmes. They have pledged to do their best for the betterment of their alma mater.
To serve the institution's academic requirements, work is under way for the construction of new buildings to function well equipped laboratories and class rooms. The college already has a well stocked library. The main vision is to develop a Research Centre in Mathematics where proper guidance and assistance will be given to those who need it.
By accepting the challenges of modern times, the institution is trying to revolutionize the concept of higher education in tune with the development of technology. The institution is proud of being cosmopolitan, genuine and modern centre for higher education. From the very beginning, the college has reflected and continue to reflect a spirit of learning and enquiry responding both emotionally and intellectually to the hopes and aspirations of a new India. - Developed by

Welcome to sakthan college.
Welcome to sakthan college.
Welcome to sakthan college.
Welcome to sakthan college.